April 9, 2020

Instinctual deploys thin clients for remote editorial, compositing, and color grading.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak and the mandate from the city of LA to shelter in place Instinctual has deployed the HP RGS solution combined with a DIY color streaming solution to allow Editors, Nuke and Flame artists, and Lustre artists to control workstations located in our secure office from each individuals home.  As a community service Alan Latteri, a partner at Instinctual, has posted instructions on how to set these system up to his You Tube page.  There is a series of instructional videos that we hope will help get artists working again.  View Article

February 14, 2019

Alan Latteri presents Instinctual workflow at Los Angeles Flame user group meeting

Alan Latteri, a partner at Instinctual, presented Instinctual’s new Stone & Wire server workflow to the Los Angeles Flame User Group.  Alan walked thru the setup, advantages, and possible pitfalls of running a headless Stone & Wire server.  Alan did the 20 minute presentation then took questions from the group.  The presentation is more workflow oriented.  The actual procedure to setup the central Stone & Wire server is outlined in the “Centralized Stone & Wire Server” article.  The video of Alan’s presentation is attached.          View Article

February 8, 2019

Centralized Stone Wire Server

Here at Instinctual we have executed a plan to use a centralized SSD server to run our S&W services for Flame, Flare, Flame Assist, and Luster. The advantage of this approach is multifold but can be summed up the following way: All artists are working from the same master Flame project so when it is time to archive every artist’s setups and work are guaranteed to be included in the project archive. SSD space usage is the most cost effective because when work is shared between machines clips are not duplicated. Updates from Flame to Lustre is extremely fast because…View Article

February 8, 2019

Flame, Nuke, & Shotgun Integration

Over the last year Instinctual has integrated Flame into Shotgun and reworked our production pipeline around a Flame, Nuke, Resolve and Lustre workflow. Here are the highlights of the workflow we implemented over the last year: 1. Ability to control access to jobs via user permissions. 2. Project specs for Flame and Nuke are controlled via shotgun and auto populate when an artist launches Flame or Nuke from Shotgun Desktop. 3. Flame Shotgun shot publish has been fixed and works off of source timecode so the artist can determine the start frame of the published files as well as the start…View Article