Lynette Duensing

Senior Colorist

Lynette is Instinctual’s Senior Colorist and color grades Feature Film DI’s, Trailers, Commercials, Episodic TV & Restoration Titles.

Lynette has a breadth of industry experience having worked in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Shanghai and is well versed on all current color correction platforms.

Recent Trailer Credits Include:
The Girl In The Spiders Web
Spiderman – Into The Spider-Verse
Peter Rabbit
Hotel Transylvania 3
Goosebumps 2

Doug Ludwig

Partner/ Lead Conform Artist

After graduating from Fredonia State University, Doug left Western NY for Los Angeles and started his career at The Post Group. From there he was recruited by Digital Magic under the direction of Rich Thorne and became a finishing editor. After five years Doug moved on to Complete Post where he continued as a television editor and was largely involved in the transition to HD finishing. Technicolor purchased Complete Post where Doug migrated to non-linear editing and switched from television finishing to theatrical finishing. In 2006 Doug moved to EFilm and under the direction of Joe Matza helped design and build a new theatrical trailer department to accommodate the marketing needs for most of the major studios. In 2011 Doug was recruited by Sony Pictures Entertainment to again help start and build a theatrical trailer department for Sony’s own Color Works. In 2015 Doug joined forces with Jesse Morrow and Alan Latteri to create Instinctual.

Jesse Morrow

Partner / VFX Producer/Artist

Jesse is a partner in Instinctual.  Jesse has a BA in Broadcast Production Management from the University of Colorado.

He started using Discreet Logic Smoke & Flame in 1996 and has been an integral member of the Flame community ever since.

Jesse has worked for many post companies over the years including Warren Miller, Fox broadcasting, Klasky Csupo, Efilm, Technicolor, & Sony and has been at the forefront of technological changes in the post production industry.

Alan Latteri

Partner / Lead VFX Artist

Alan is a Co-founder of Instinctual.  Alan began on Flame in 1995 at the age of 19.  He has worked for Sony Imageworks, Mirada, and many other commercial & film production companies.  In 2003 Alan developed and released Shrink and Tether for Flame & Smoke.  He has also helped develop & release other custom plugins for Flame.  Alan brings a very technical knowledge of visual effects process’s and is  Instinctual’s lead visual effects artist.

Jeff Brown


Jeff is the Trailers Producer here at Instinctual. Jeff has over 30 years of experience working in Post Production focusing on short-form – commercials, music videos & trailers.

Before joining Instinctual, Jeff was producing trailers at Technicolor, EFilm & Deluxe.  Since 2002 Jeff has been producing trailers primarily for Sony Pictures but has also worked with Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Dreamworks & Universal.

Since a child, Jeff has always loved seeing the previews before the feature at the theaters so producing them has been a dream job.  Enjoying the fast pace, quick turnarounds & tight deadlines that trailer schedules require. Jeff’s organization & detail-oriented skills make him a perfect fit for this area of the industry.

Jay Warren


Jay has been in the post production industry for the last 20 years having worked between London and Los Angeles for companies such as Deluxe (General Manager), Sony Colorworks, Technicolor & Formula One.

Having also managed projects since the birth of DI, Jay can help to guide your project from an initial budget through to final delivery.

Sterling Silva

Executive Director of Digital Cinema

Sterling is Instinctual’s Executive Director of Digital Cinema, he handles all Digital Cinema Packages(DCP) creation as well as keeping screen and projector in calibration.

Previously, Sterling was the Trailer Content Producer for Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema where he managed creation and distribution of worldwide on-line trailer campaigns for Sony titles. He also has more than 13 years experience mastering DCPs of all types and supervising digital cinema production as a whole in a managing role.