February 8, 2019

Centralized Stone Wire Server

Here at Instinctual we have executed a plan to use a centralized SSD server to run our S&W services for Flame, Flare, Flame Assist, and Luster. The advantage of this approach is multifold but can be summed up the following way: All artists are working from the same master Flame project so when it is time to archive every artist’s setups and work are guaranteed to be included in the project archive. SSD space usage is the most cost effective because when work is shared between machines clips are not duplicated. Updates from Flame to Lustre is extremely fast because clips do not need to be copied or duplicated. Color management for a job is centralized and set when the job is created which makes adding other artists fast and accurate. The remote S&W server also houses all the artist user accounts so hotkeys, bookmarks, and prefs can follow artists when they move to other machines.

Alan Latteri, a partner here at Instinctual, developed and deployed the centralized server. Alan made these videos describing the setup procedure.


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