February 8, 2019

Flame, Nuke, & Shotgun Integration

Over the last year Instinctual has integrated Flame into Shotgun and reworked our production pipeline around a Flame, Nuke, Resolve and Lustre workflow. Here are the highlights of the workflow we implemented over the last year:

1. Ability to control access to jobs via user permissions.

2. Project specs for Flame and Nuke are controlled via shotgun and auto populate when an artist launches Flame or Nuke from Shotgun Desktop.

3. Flame Shotgun shot publish has been fixed and works off of source timecode so the artist can determine the start frame of the published files as well as the start frame of the batches and ultimately the final comps.

4. All the metadata recorded into Shotgun when the shots are made is correct and the media in the media tool matches the timecode in Flame.

5. We publish out “source .clip” and “comp .clip” files that can be updated via Flame or Nuke so we can quickly up-version precomps or comps in timelines and batch setups in Flame.

6. Our thumbnails are luted so we can use the review and thumbnail tools in shotgun. These luts can be set per project to match the working color space of the project.

7. All our processes run thru back-burner so our burn farm can be leveraged for additional tasks and the resources can be properly managed.

8. Finally we have built a deliverables system that is totally customizable. With metadata calls that automate slate creation and burn-ins. The system also logs deliverables back into shotgun as entities tied to shots so all the paperwork and emails can be generated automatically. If you’re using Shotgun studio deliverables the CSV downloaded from our Shotgun can be dragged directly into the deliverables window to create and upload the delivery in one step.

For the upcoming year we are automating DCDM creation and logging the assets back to shotgun. We are integrating Lustre project setup into Shotgun so resolutions and project specs are controlled via the project page in Shotgun. We are moving forward with Shotgun notifications.

I’ve made videos outlining our current workflow from start to finish.

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